Frequently asked questions


What our competitors do: Quotes that change with the wind based on the unique circumstances of your transaction.

What we do: No quoting, just fixed fees for your sale or purchase - no matter your property type.

How we're different: We offer complete price transparency, which means you can budget without surprises.


What our competitors do: High fees.

What we do: Limited time first home owner deals.

How we're different: The old guys at Smith & Smith* will hand you a dusty paper contract that killed about 6 trees. We harness disruptive technology to give you a better service for a cheaper price.*For legal purposes, this is a joke.


What our competitors do: No guarantees.

What we do: Satisfaction guaranteed, or double your money back.

How we're different: We have first hand experience in knowing it’s hard to trust people when you’re buying your first home. We have so much confidence in our mission that we want to make your transaction 100% risk free.


What our competitors do: Many clients - even if it means their service suffers.

What we do: Very limited client spots.

How we're different: We know that it takes time and resources to offer a great service. At Captain Conveyancing, you’ll benefit from a boutique and curated service from a specialised conveyancing lawyer.Sure, we like skyrocketing profits as much as the next guy - but we like you even more.

Fair Go

What our competitors do: Keep profits.

What we do: Donate a portion of our profits to sponsor a child through World Vision Australia.

How we're different: Captain Conveyancing exists to help people. Because of this, we are proud to have built generosity into everything we do.


What our competitors do: Available during office hours.

What we do: Available 7 days a week.

How we're different: Got a burning question at 10am on a Saturday? Let us save you a weekend of tossing and turning by solving your issue within minutes. We know buying and selling is a stressful ordeal, so we’ll be here to help.


What our competitors do: Standard conveyancing services, and no more.

What we do: Our conveyancing service is great all on its own, but we take it a few steps further. We’ll help you connect utilities and include one free home visit to help you sort out the niggly paperwork. (Subject to our home callout policy).

How we're different: Imagine being emailed 10 documents with dodgy formatting and being told to wade through them at your own pace. Not us! If you live within 30km of Brisbane City, we’ll personally bring paperwork to you and be present to answer any questions.


What our competitors do: You pay, even if you don’t settle.

What we do: No settlement, no fee.

How we're different: There are enough barriers to entry for first home owners without being handed a whopping legal invoice even though your building and pest fell through (ouch!).We get that there will be things outside your control, and we want to help you every step of the way.